Tom started dancing in around the age of 15.  Mom needed a partner and dancing with seniors kept him on his toes.  Later when stationed in Ramstein AB, Germany, Tom & Gina looked in on a beginner’s class.  They were hooked from the start.  Shortly thereafter, Tom was reassigned with the Canadians in Baden Soellingen .  Soon Tom & Gina found themselves dancing without ever finishing a class.  It was a short time thereafter in 1968; Tom tried his hand at calling.  His first tip with the club was two singing calls.  The caller was going to be absent the following week and asked Tom to call the dance.  Tom agreed, but would be only taking requests for #1 or #2 of the two memorized singing calls.  Six months later Tom was the club caller without ever going through a callers course.  That was the beginning of Tom’s calling career.

Tom was stationed in Germany a total of 14 years on and off, and during those years he called for several clubs and most of the European festivals to include dances in Spain, England, Holland, Luxemburg and Greece.  Tom went on to organized a Square & Round dance vacation that ran every Easter at the Chiemsee Armed Forces Recreation Center for several years.  He served as president and training director for the European Callers & Teachers Association (ECTA).  Since moving to Tucson in 1983, Tom has been the caller for the Shriner’s Club, the Saguaro Swingers, Green Valley Squares and Far Horizons Squares. He now regularly calls for the Thunder Mountain Twirlers in Sierra Vista.

Tom & Gina currently enjoy conducting Square Dance and Jazz Tours to Germany.  They also run a 10 acre self-care horse ranch.  Tom still stays active calling for clubs in and out of town and enjoys doing first night square dance parties.  Tom enjoys dating his wife, square dancing, computers, fixing things, good German traditional music and hefeweizen.  He values good friends, honesty and a solid warm handshake when one looks you square in the eye.

Whether you are an organizer for a party looking for a fun theme, or you are a new dancer or a seasoned club dancer, give Tom a call and let him call your next square dance party or club dance.